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About the company

Vasutex™ Home is a major supplier of home textiles and furnishing products. We are a vendor of choice for retailers, wholesalers and E Commerce sites. We supply under private label, in-house brands, retailer brands and up and coming new brands. With decades of experience and expertise in all things related to textiles we bring service, quality and integrity to the product. Soft Bed sheets, relaxing Towels and comfortable bath rugs are some of the items we bring with peace of mind. Doing everything sustainability, responsibly and ethically. Come explore the various aspects where Vasutex™ Home. Whether you are looking to buy small or large Vasutex Home is with you all the way.


We build an ecosystem with our customer at its center. We service the customer with quality product with integrity that keeps them coming back to us for more continuous business.


Our mission is to bring all things fabrics and textiles related to our customers. We strive to do it with best in the industry service. Product that is second to none and is a benchmark for everyone. Doing it all while keeping integrity and being straight forward and honest with our customer.

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210 E Olympic Blvd, Suite 430B
Los Angeles, CA 90015
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