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Window coverings – Curtains, drapes and more…

The curtains and drapes you choose can have a dramatic impact on the look of your home. Window treatments aren’t just for looks, however. They’re also good for providing privacy and limiting the amount of sunlight that gets into the room. At Vasutex Home we produce an array of drapes, curtains and other window treatments to suit your needs and preferences.

Drapes are traditionally made from a heavy, opaque fabric that blocks light from entering the window. They have a formal appearance and are usually floor-length.

Curtains are lighter than drapes. They’re usually unlined and don’t prevent light from entering the room. They can be floor-length, although you’ll see shorter curtain lengths as well. You can hang curtains and drapes together for a layered look; the drapes go on the outside and can be tied back to reveal sheer curtains underneath.

Drapes and curtains come in a wide variety of styles, colors and materials. Although most window treatments are found in a solid color, you can find pretty prints from which to choose. Some of the most popular materials from which to choose include:

  • Voile: Voile is a sheer fabric that’s usually made with cotton or a cotton-blend material. Curtains made from voile are excellent underneath drapes because they’re lightweight with a soft, silky texture. They allow plenty of light to enter and accent the room with elegant style.
  • Linen: Although linen is a traditional material for drapes and curtains, it’s anything but basic. Pottery Barn has a vast selection of linen window treatments in lots of different colors and styles. Linen curtains have a medium weight and are semi-sheer to opaque, depending on which ones you choose.
  • Cotton: There are cotton drapes and curtains that are heavier than voile but are still light enough to offer a flowing look. As with linen, you’ll find semi-sheer to opaque cotton curtains in plenty of color options, ranging from soft neutrals to rich jewel tones.

Curtains and drapes are a great way to tie the look of a room together. For example, you could choose window treatments that match your sofa for a monochromatic look, or those that contrast for a bold style..

Linen, velvet and cotton curtains are great during the day when you want to block the sun from entering your home. If you have a home office space and a serious glare on your computer screen you already know the value of window treatments.

There’s more to window treatments than just heavy drapes though. At Vasutex Home, you can find a range of sheer curtains designed to filter light and privacy. Use them in conjunction with your favorite curtains or try them alone for a minimalist look that still allows ample natural light.

We all love natural light, but the fact is that you can have a little too much in the middle of the day. Bare windows can also prevent privacy and make you feel exposed. Add sheer curtains from Vasutex Home to your setup today. Here are some of our favorite styles available online now:


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